Irradiate Space.

Irradiate Space

Pseudonyms glittering in the night.

Ontploffing Boer

The light of fiction will illuminate the stars.

The latest updated:

On Zeonism

What is Zeonism? How has it changed over the Universal Century?

Aside: The evolution of revolutionary ideologies

Parallels in the development of Christianity, Communism, and Contolism

A Dwarf at the King's Wedding

You are a Dwarf, invited and sent to the wedding of the first King that Gondor has seen in a thousand years. It is understandable, perhaps, if you feel a little out of place.

Dear Miss Manners,

A problem with the writer’s husband, and the worlds

Glowing Skull

It chitters in the dark.

The latest updated:

Vakama Mask

Adapting the Kanohi Huna to work with a 3M 3600 facemask.


A large articulated dino skull.

Lightsail Library

A service of the SN 1604 NRDD.

Shiny Disk

Images welded to the side of a spacecraft

The latest updated:

Cafe Cinder Logo

A logo for a friend’s Dark Souls project.


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