Irradiate Space.

Irradiate Space

Pseudonyms glittering in the night.

Ontploffing Boer

The light of fiction will illuminate the stars.

The latest updated:

The Zanscare Empire

Notes on the ideology of Maria Pie Armonia, Fonse Kagatie, and others.

The Zeonism of Casval Rem Deikun, under his many names

Notes on Zeonism as proposed by the man known as Casval Rem Deikun, Edouard Mass, Char Aznable, Quattro Bajeena, and other names.

On Zeonism

What is Zeonism? How has it changed over the Universal Century? A review of the political movements of the Solar Sphere from U.C. 0050 onwards.

The Titans

Notes on the ideology of the Titans

Glowing Skull

It chitters in the dark.

The latest updated:

Vakama Mask

Adapting the Kanohi Huna to work with a 3M 3600 facemask.


A large articulated dino skull.

Lightsail Library

A service of the SN 1604 NRDD.

Shiny Disk

Images welded to the side of a spacecraft

The latest updated:

[S] Binge

A meditation on the modern webcomic.

Yud and Kowsky

A pastiche of Tom and Jerry using Eliezer Yudkowsky

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