Romanovan Servicer

A slave of the Law


a desert camo coat hangs against a white wall. the left sleeve is dyed black; the right sleeve bears an armband made of yellow, white, and blue flags. Across the shoulders reads the word SERVICER in 1.5 inch high letters.
A Romanovan Servicer has declared for Achilles, and dyed their sleeve black.

This is a hypothesized Servicer coat from sometime after September 24, 2454. In Ada Palmer’s Terra Ignota novels, Servicers are those who have committed a crime so heinous that their debt to society may never be repaid, yet harmless enough that they may be allowed to walk the world as any free person does. They perform jobs in exchange for food, with shelter provided by charity, and the Cousins keeping a watchful eye to prevent abuse. They hold no personal possessions, are forbidden from weapons or fighting, and generally perform the role of migrant labour. There are only a few tens of thousands of them in all of the Universal Free Alliance.

In the 2400s, the Romanovan Universal Free Alliance is big on “clothing as communication”, so the Servicers wear mottled dull colors, unlike any other outfit worn in that era. This is not confused with military camo because there are no militaries in the Universal Free Alliance. There hasn’t been a war in more than 200 years.

When war comes in 2454, uniforms are needed. On the evening of September 23, MASON decreed that the uniform of Masons in the present conflict would be their left sleeves dyed black, showing the Masonic Emperor’s Capital Power reaching through the arms of every Mason.

Sworn to Achilles, who was sworn to MASON, were the Blacksleeve Servicers, who illegally bore arms and fought in the war.

The costume is a 60/40 poly-cotton digital camo BDU. The left sleeve is dyed black using Rit dye for synthetics. The “SERVICER” lettering is iron-on. The Romanovan flag armband is made from authorized merchandise. Not shown in this photo are a shapeless black cap with brim, and a Masonic flag patch on the left sleeve.