Lewis skull: third print



Following on the heels of the second print, which was fist-sized, I scaled the print size up some more.

On a brown shag carpet, sheets of 8.5x11 paper with fold and cut lines are laid out edge-to-edge. They are slowly being cut apart and taped together.
With this skull, I had decided to cut apart the individual parts of the papercraft model, glue the parts of each island together, and then glue the islands to sheets of posterboard before cutting the posterboard to shape and folding it.
On a piece of brown chipboard, the crown of the skull takes shape.
Having glued the islands to the posterboard and waited for the posterboard to dry, I cut the posterboard islands free from the surrounding paper and began to fold them. Rather than gluing the tabs where tabs overlapped, I taped them, for expediency.
A flat piece of paper laid out on a sheet of whiteboard, against a dark carpet backdrop. The image is of potato quality, but the details of the markings on the paper shape can be seen. There are trapezoids along the edges, some labeled and some not. Labels on trapezoids are things like 1:13 or 10. Along other edges are single nmbers, like 14 or 15, with arrows pointing to the edges.
Here we have a better view of Island 2 of the skull model. This is the front of the skull. In the center top of the image are the three teeth of Lewis' head. Just below the center tooth is a tab marked 7:1 where a single triangle will be attached to form the other half of his philtrum. Tabs marked in grey are attached to other islands; numbered edges are where tabs from other islands are attached. Some tabs are not numbered; these are ones where the shape is obvious from other tabs' placement. THe wings to the left and right form the cheekbones.

What these images don’t show you is the sheer scale of this skull; it was seriously 18” across.

And then it was time to make the fourth skull.