The Zanscare Empire

Notes on the ideology of Maria Pie Armonia, Fonse Kagatie, and others.


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The Zanscare Empire is a space-based nation from Side 2 (Earth-Moon L4), which sought to destroy the Earth Federation. Its titular head was Queen Maria Pie Armonia, and its military was led by Fonse Kagatie. The empire was known for its women’s-rights movement, and for its use of the guillotine as a method of capital punishment for many crimes.

Queen Maria Pie Armonia

Several months into Zanscare’s occupation of Earth, Lieutenant Duqer Iq returns to present a new mobile weapon to the Queen: the Adrastea-class wheeled battleship

Iq: The design, in and of itself, is enough to make the enemy quake with fear. They’re capable of making the enemy surrender before a fight even occurs.

Maria: It would indeed be great if any fighting could be avoided. Truth be told, I neither care for the use of the guillotine, or a long drawn-out battle.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, episode 17, subbed.

Considering that she’s the queen of Zanscare, it is kind of odd that the distasteful execution method continues to exist in her empire. Her interactions with Sir Fonse Kagatie make it clear that he is the more-militaristic, more-authoritarian face of the government.

Maria: I have heard that that mobile suit was actually being piloted by a civilian youth. Is that true?

Kagatie: The rebels are a terrible bunch who see few ills with using children as they please.

Maria: Currently, all of the colonies now desire their own independence and thus have begun their own selfish fighting. We have entered a space age of warring states. I intend to use my ideals to unite this chaotic world.

Kagatie: Absolutely! However, the members of the Earth Federation who fail to comprehend your ideals, Maria, have now done the unforgivable.

Maria: The unforgivable?

Iq: Yes, your majesty. I saw it myself.

[Extended description of Earth Federation soldiers and League Militaire rebels working together, using vehicles of the strictly-neutral non-military Public Corporation of Space Transport: a serious violation.]

Kagatie: That name, “League Militaire”,

Maria: … means that of a “Holy Alliance”, from what I’ve been told.

Kagatie: They obviously want to defy the ideals of Maria!

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, episode 17, subbed.

Zanscare soldiers

In order to spread the heart of Queen Maria to the Zanscare Empire and all that live beyond, we must regrettably result to force! We’re left with little choice at this point, so in order to continue the fight and spread our queen’s influence, we must send our battleships forward! If they refuse to comprehend the ideas of Zanscare, and the ideals of Maria, if those who are merely jealous of he achievements of our empire should group together and press on against us, then our only option is to fight with them! And that is because we must bring our Queen Maria’s maternal love to all the people and spread it through the Earth Sphere!

— General Mutterma Sugan, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, episode 17, subbed.