The Ideology of Paptimus Scirocco

Notes on the ideology of The Man From Jupiter


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When Haman Karn goes to talk with the Titans, Scirocco says he doesn’t trust her. He watches as Haman’s negotiation with Jamitov leads to Axis’ betrayal of the Titans, Two versions of his remarks on the subject are given:

Paptimus: [laughs] That woman. She’s as clever as they come.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam , episode 44, English dub.

Paptimus: [laughs] Damn, Haman. How shrewd.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam , episode 44, English dub.

Haman escapes with the AEUG’s assistance, and Paptimus sits on the sidelines, laughing at her victory.

For reasons, Paptimus had sent CPO Sarah Zabiarov to interfere with the AEUG’s interception of the Titans. Sarah is captured by the AEUG during the fray, and is imprisoned aboard the Argama. Paptimus sends former AEUG member Reccoa Londe to retrieve her, using a new mobile suit: the Palace Athene. She disables the Argama, and Sarah escapes.

During the following brawl, Reccoa and AEUG pilot Fa Yuiry are carried into the Gate of Zedan. Their suits crash and they discuss why Reccoa left the AEUG to join Scirocco:

Fa Yuiry: Why did you betray us, Reccoa?

Reccoa Londe: Do you really think it’s as simple as that, Fa?

Fa: Yes of course it is!

Reccoa: You know I was never that interested in politics. I was only living a grey life day-to-day, searching for a way to restore my human feelings, that I lost in the war.

Fa: Do you really believe that you don’t have any human feeling? Why did you have mercy on me instead of shooting me down?

Reccoa: It’s probably because I remember the good times we all shared. But my life’s different now. I feel more fulfilled as a woman, because my life’s in balance.

Fa: That is so selfish of you! It’s been an ordeal for me, and for Kamille! He’s really suffering from it.

Reccoa: I know. Kamille is a man, after all.

Fa: That has nothing to do with it!

Reccoa: In this world of ours, you’re either a man, or a woman. Politics and ideology have nothing to do with that. All of the men on the Argama were only concerned with their own matters.

Fa: Are you talking about Lieutenant Quattro?

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam , episode 44, English dub.

They are interrupted by Kamille’s arrival in the Zeta Gundam. In this version of the conversation, Reccoa joined Scirocco because he cured her depression.

A different version of the conversation gives a slightly different reason:

Reccoa: I was never an ideological person. I’ve been looking for a way to restore my affections, which I lost to war.

Fa: Then why is it that you didn’t shoot me down out of pity?! Without even becoming emotional!

Reccoa: Right now, I feel very content as a woman. I feel stable. However, I still do remember the past, from time to time.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam , episode 44, official English subtitles.

Whereas in this verson of the conversation, Reccoa joined because Paptimus is emotionally fulfilling. (He’s hot and he fucks.)

Contemporaneously, Ensign Sarah Zabiarov and AEUG Ensign Katz:

Katz: Do you want to return to Scirocco that badly?

Sarah: I do! So stay out of my way! I’d met Scirocco before I ever saw you.

Katz: That’s hardly an excuse now, is it!

Sarah: So you don’t understand…. Fine then! Just hurry up and shoot me! You can shoot me down right now!

Katz: Stop doing this to me! I can’t bear it! I wanna talk with you, Sarah!

Sarah: Don’t say that! Even if you did feel that way, a real man would never say such a thing! That’s the reason I could never truly love you, Katz.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam , episode 44, English dub.

From these conversations, I conclude that Paptimus Scirocco is an emotionally-intelligent, sophisticated man.

But what of his Zeonism?