The Zeonism of Rita Bernal

Notes on Zeonism as proposed by Rita Bernal, a Newtype.



In a conversation with her close friends Jona Basta and Michele Luio about whether Heaven exists, known Newtype Rita Bernal addresses whether the future is fixed:

Rita: I’m not so sure. Isn’t it different for Newtypes? People who go into space will start using the half of their brains that had been unused and become a new humanity that can understand each other without misconceptions. That means that the consciousness that’s trapped inside our bodies, our minds, souls or whatever, will regain their original form, right?

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, 43:42

This conversation happened during the reign of the Titans, around or after the fall of the Gryps Colony laser (aka Gryps II) on January 18, U.C. 0088 and before the defeat of the Titans on February 22, U.C. 0088. These dates come from analysis of the timeline of Zeta Gundam, and a conversational remark made by a Zeonic officer who ran the Titans Newtype training program the three children were imprisoned in.

It’s almost 20 years since Zeon Zum Deikun last proclaimed his theory of Newtypes, but that aspect of Zeonism has survived despite the rise and fall of Zeon as an autonomous government.