The Zeonism of Glemy Toto

Notes on Zeonism as practiced by Glemy Toto



Glemy Toto is first introduced as a devoted acolyte of Haman Karn, but after a number of important losses — his Bawoo mobile suit, his love Roux Louka, his student Leina Ashta — as he wanders through the literal desert of Africa, he wonders if Haman’s Zeonism is correct.

Glemy: Haman always claims she’s fighting for Neo Zeon….

I wonder what Zeon Zum Deikun would think if he could see this. It was Degwin Zabi who founded Zeon as a proud space empire back in the year U.C. 0065. Then it was in the year 0079 that the One Year War broke out. Degwin Zabi was killed, along with his hopes…

Gundam: Double Zeta, episode 25, subtitles.

Then he gets rescued/captured by the African Independence Fighters, but this scene in the desert is Gelmy’s first voiced doubts of Haman.

Shortly afterwards, several mobile suit pilots of the Zeon-allied Africa Corps die in combat, including their leader, Dido Kaltoha.

Glemy Toto: I, Glemy Toto, won’t forget the man who saved my life in this desert. When Dido’s heart stopped beating, it gave a new meaning to mine.

Africa Corps Blue Team Soldier: Glemy Toto! You show the best of Neo Zeon. Your behavior has earned you our respect. The tears of this fighting spill across the land of our people. Bitter though those tears may be, they are what earns us our freedom.

Glemy: Would you die for the sake of this freedom?

Soldier: Of course! If not for that, then what else for?

Glemy: Freedom … you could have as much as you could handle in space!

Soldier: All we ask is for our flag to stand free in the desert!

Glemy: Space. You don’t like it?

Soldier: This land has always belonged to us! To abandon this earth for space would surrender it to outsiders!

Glemy: You and I, we’re the same.

Soldier: Huh?

Glemy: Restoring the legacy of the Zabi family would at first appear to be a naive task. Innocent people are dying for nothing more than the desire for a stable government. Sixty years ago it was an outright dictatorship, but it was also a time of peace. To regain this Sahara Desert, the Blue Team is prepared to use its full force.

Soldier: Do you believe that’s okay?

Glemy: That was Dido’s final will.

Gundam: Double Zeta, episode 30, subtitles.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ is set in U.C. 0088, so “sixty years ago” is U.C. 0022, shortly after the foundation of the Earth Federation and the commencement of space colony construction.

I’m really not sure what that scene reveals; I think more than anything it’s that he is willing to tell others that he sees the Zabi line as necessary for peace and stability in his homeland.

But that’s not Zeonism; it’s Zabi-ism.

Despite their alliance with Glemy Toto, the Blue Team fights against a Neo Zeon force under Glemy’s command, which was sent to capture a town that the Blue Team wanted to free from colonialist French influence. The Neo Zeon forces were backing the French.

Some behind-the-scenes stuff happens, and Glemy returns to his ship. There he corners August Guidan, a mobile suit pilot and mildly rebellious commander, who doubted Glemy’s dedication to the chase to defeat the Federation warship Argama. He shows August his secret plan: the Newtype Ple Two in a cold-sleep chamber.

Glemy: The Newytpe Battalion, truly my project for the ultimate warrior!

August: But this child is ….

Glemy Far beyond the levels of any previous Newtypes.

August: I see. The Argama isn’t your true enemy at all. Rather it’s ….

Glemy: Haman’s orders against me show her idiotic nature. You must betray Haman.

August: This Newtype shows me that you’re worthy of my respect.

Glemy: Will you believe in the legacy of Zabis, August?

August: But, are you part of their bloodline?

Glemy: Why do you think Haman takes me so seriously? I’m just a minor noble, aren’t I?

August: Lord Glemy.

Glemy: What will you do? Would you prefer to serve Haman until this Puru Two destroys you?

August: [kneeling] Glemy Toto. Power is the only thing of consequence, and for that reason I swear myself before you.

Glemy: Why do you say that? Are you just trying to save your own life?

August: No! Strength is the mark of the one serving justice. To further that cause, my life is as nothing!

Glemy: You shall dedicate your life to restoring the legacy of Zabis.

Gundam: Double Zeta, episode 31, subtitles.

Glemy Toto implies that he’s a Zabi, though no canon source I’ve encountered suggests that he is. (He looks more like a Char than any Zabi, anyways.) Through this deceit, he gains a loyal commander, and sets the stage for a conflict over which Zabi-supporting Neo Zeon faction is the true Neo Zeon.

I think his Zabiism starts as belief in his commanding officers, and the Zabi-centric Zeonism they preach. It turns into a tool by which he grants himself legitimacy in the eyes of his subordinates. He fights for Neo Zeon, but that is because it is Neo Zeon which offers him power and control. And at the time when Neo Zeon needs unity, he breaks off the Glemy Faction to fight against Haman’s faction.