The Zeonism of Anavel Gato, the Nightmare of Solomon

Notes on Zeonism as proposed by Anavel Gato, a Zeon ace pilot, but also his contemporaries in the year 0083 UC.



Anavel Gato

In U.C. 0083, the Zeon-remnant Delaz Fleet declared war upon the Federation and initiated a colony drop operation known as Operation Stardust. Part of Vice Admiral Aiguille Delaz’s plan involved the theft of a nuclear-armed mobile suit from the Federation. The pilot chosen to steal that suit was Anavel Gato.

During the theft, Gato was confronted by Federation test pilot Kou Uraki:

Gato: Anavel Gato hasn’t waited three long years just to let you, the unprincipled fools that you are with your infantile greed, stand in the way of our ideals!

Uraki: What do you mean, “ideals”?

Gato: Our dream, of true freedom for all Spacenoids. We will sever the evil hold of the Earth with our sword of justice.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Remastered, English dub, episode 2: “Endless Pursuit”

Cima Garahau

After the One-Year War, Cima led a small fleet that stayed in the Earth Sphere, operating more as pirates than as a military fleet. She is haunted by nightmares of the One Year War, when her unit, Marine Amphibious Unit Cima, was ordered to deploy “riot gas” into civilian colonies. Her leaders’ deceit resulted in the deaths of whole colonies as MAU Cima pumped the poisonous G3 Gas in.

Cima: You call this … a mission?! This is just slaughter!

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Rebellion, Zeonic Scanlations, chapter 40: “Nightmare of a Mayfly”

Her antipathy towards Zeonic leadership results in several attempts to turn tail and join the Federation side. After fellow Marine Geil Hunt joins the Federation, Hunt, going by the new name “Claude Kurtz”, negotiates on behalf of the Federation with Cima. Cima offers the Delaz Fleet’s plans for attacking Konpeito, which deal a massive blow to Federation interests. The cost of her betrayal? She wants a stable home for her crews: “Admitting my entire fleet into the Federation forces.” (ibid)

The deal is interrupted by the arrival of the Albion,