The Zeonism of Anavel Gato, the Nightmare of Solomon

Notes on Zeonism as proposed by Anavel Gato, a Zeon ace pilot.



In U.C. 0083, the Zeon-remnant Delaz Fleet declared war upon the Federation and initiated a colony drop operation known as Operation Stardust. Part of Vice Admiral Aiguille Delaz’s plan involved the theft of a nuclear-armed mobile suit from the Federation. The pilot chosen to steal that suit was Anavel Gato.

During the theft, Gato was confronted by Federation test pilot Kou Uraki:

Gato: Anavel Gato hasn’t waited three long years just to let you, the unprincipled fools that you are with your infantile greed, stand in the way of our ideals!

Uraki: What do you mean, “ideals”?

Gato: Our dream, of true freedom for all Spacenoids. We will sever the evil hold of the Earth with our sword of justice.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Remastered, English dub, episode 2: “Endless Pursuit”