An Angelic Religion

Let's design a syncretic religion based solely on angels.



In the beginning was God. God was omnipotent, but not omniscient or omnipresent. God was the Creator, but God could not adequately take care of Creation. There came a time when God needed to multitask, and God could not.

Thus God created the first Angel.

The task that the First Angel was set has been lost to time. By the time God began to give Angels differentiations, no Angel remembered which Angel had come first. Some say the First Task was to follow the first photon, or to report how the first matter behaved in response to changing physical constants, or to report on how changing physical constants affected the Angel, or to tell God what God looked like. Some say that God needed a conversational partner.

Though God’s omnipotence is total, it is still divisible. And as God created angels, the fraction of infinity that God still held diminished, until in the end God became yet another Angel.

God is gone, yet God’s goals persist. Each Angel has its appointed task.

Do not interfere with an Angel in the accomplishment of its task, for an Angel’s power is strongest when it pursues its task.

Be wary of helping an Angel with that Angel’s task, for in incomplete comprehension of an Angel’s task your attempted assistance may inhibit the accomplishment of the task.

Some Angels are conversant, but it is hard to tell if an unknown Angel will be conversant. Err on the side of caution.

If you know an Angel’s task, and can help, and offer to help, and if the Angel accepts, you may win favor from the Angel, because the Angel’s power is proportionate to its task, and overflows when its task is fulfilled before that power is consumed.

But always, always act with caution.