Utopian visors and altered eyes

A drabble-length Terra Ignota fanwork.

Published . 164 words.


I don’t think there’s ever any mention of Utopian vizors displaying altered eyes, but how could they not

Big ol’ dragon eyes with a scaly snout

Your normal eyes, but on a two-second delay

Flashing glitch effects and JPEG compression at dramatically convenient moments

Apollo Mojave giving his urgent speeches while displaying anime eyes

J.E.D.D. Mason put on a Utopian visor, once. Those who were blessed by His presence saw only His usual face, save that where His eyes usually glaced through one’s face as He looked through one, the visor’s simulation of His eyes never made eye contact with anyone in the room.

A Cartesian set-set’s later analysis of tracker video from the room revealed that the eyes on His visor never made contact with anyone on Earth or the Moon, or elsewhere in occupied space. The eyes were carefully pointed Beyond.