Dear Miss Manners,

A problem with the writer's husband, and the worlds

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Dear Miss Manners,

My marriage had been suffering for the last few years, but about six months ago, my husband experienced a personality shift. He got promoted at work, got some new job responsibilities, did some work travel, and so on. His new personality reminded me much of his pre-marriage self, and I have to say it really rekindled our marriage. I was happy to be with him again.

And then, last Tuesday, he told me that he needed to apologize. He wasn’t my husband. He was an office worker from another world, who had been accidentally killed, and who woke up in my husband’s body. He treated me as best as he could, while he was here, but his time in this world was over, and he would be moving on. He didn’t know what would happen to my husband when he left.

And then I got my old husband back, with the same boring personality. He has memories of what happened, and we’re still compatible in the way that long-term stable passionless marriages are, but I’m stuck pondering:

Do I try to rekindle the romance with my old/new husband, do I find a new husband, or do I try to follow the isekai protagonist?

Wanda in Wonderland


Gentle Reader,

No matter what shape your relationship with your present husband is in, the quests you propose will be arduous. Make sure you have a support network. Your current husband may have a role in that support network, whether he’s your lover, your companion, your friend, your ex, your first husband, or something else.

If you leave your husband behind, thank him for all he has given you. If you bring him with you on life’s journey, work with him to better your relationship. If you aim to depart this plane, make sure you know which plane you’re departing for.

If you find yourself — an office worker from another world — answering the mailbag of a manners columnist, you may wish to check if you’ve been swapped around as Wanda in Wonderland was. Be reminded that people who can demonstrate extrauniversal knowledge or unnatural abilities can make a quick million woolongs from the Rames Jandi Foundation for Education, which is good starting capital for an adventuring party. That organization, or one that rhymes with it, has showed up pretty frequently in our travels. If they turn you away, they’ll at least be polite about it.

Best of luck to you; Miss Manners and we hope you make it home.