A line-art drawing of the inside of a science facility. The view shows a spherical room with paneled walls, perhaps 50 feet across, lined with circular lense apertures one to three meters in diameter. A thick pipe enters from the right, supported by a heavy framework, pointing at a basket on a heavy hydraulic arm in the middle of the room. The pipe is labled as a health hazard 3, fire hazard 3, reactivity level 4 in a hazmat sign, with the bottom quadrant saying only ⚧ in eyewatering pink. It is the only pink thing in the room. The basket contains two people in hazmat suits. Between the two people in hazmat suits is a redaction labeled '2, 6, 7(f)' and at the end of the pipe is a redaction labeled '4, 7(f)'.

One of the few surviving images of the Gender Ignition Facility before its closure.

Researchers interested in an unredacted version may contact the central office to begin the waivers process.