Hmm, so it’s Hourly Comic Day, huh.

I will freely admit that I wasn’t aware of that fact until about 5 p.m. my time, and didn’t really get started drawing until 9 p.m.

A figure sleeps in a bed, next to a nightstand.
The bedside lamp comes on. The windows light with the dawn. The phone on the bedside table has migrated to the sleeping figure's hand.
The alarm clock makes its presence known. The sleeping figure is notified.
The sleeping figure springs from bed, hair flowing behind, to quell the alarm clock.

I wish I could say that I went to take a shower immediately after getting out of bed.

The figure returns to bed, huddling under the covers to browse NEWS, COMICS, and STUFF on the phone.
Still browsing STUFF. The bedside lamp goes out.
The scene shifts to the bathroom, while the figure showers. On the bathroom counter, the phone plays NPR's hourly news summary.
1045. What I was listening to that morning: it was NPR.
Tea, milk, oatmeal, work.
Sitting at a desk, the figure teleconferences, codes, emails, emails, teleconferences, codes.--
1100 to about 1315.
The figure leaves the desk and goes outside to play Pokemon.
Sometime around 1330.
Back at the desk, doing more work. Is today Hourly Comics Day? Sittin' on the toilet, reading Knight Run.
1400 to 1900. Someone introduced me to Knight Run. It's good enough to binge-read.
In the kitchen, dinner is made. The sixth mug of tea for the day, still with the morning's two tea bags, at 0.5L/cup. Pancakes. Cheese, sausage, beans, onioon. Milk. Habanero-mango cider.
Back at the desk, working on comics. 12 comics down, 8 or 9 mugs of tea downed, the graphics tablet on the desk, the chair pushed under the desk and the desk raised. The artist is stretching, staring at the viewer.
1900 to midnight. And now it's time for me to go to bed, because tomorrow is a new day.